Blitz Camp

Open to the public ages 6 - 15/ July Summer July 17-21,  2017
Over 5 days the campers will take a journey through the fundamentals of all positions of football: Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Quarterback, Receiver, Defensive Back, Linebacker and Running Back.  Special emphasis is placed on proper and safe ways of tackling, blocking and good fundamentals at the receiver and quarterback positions.  The tempo will be energetic and fun.  Each day the campers will also work on conditioning, agilities and speed training.  The week will conclude with matched teams competing against each other utilizing the skills and techniques they’ve learned during the week.  Includes Blitz Camp  Pizza party.  The Blitz Camp offers a great summer activity and will get them moving. 

Location - Del Mar High School, San Jose

Monday – Friday
Dates: July 17- 21
5:30pm – 7:30pm


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Blitz Camp

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